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The Trekkies of BDSM.
Literally, people who base their Dominance/submission on the works of John Norman.
Wear my ko'lar and stay in my larl inn! I'm so fucking Gorean.
by Dasrik September 28, 2003
Extremely sexist.
We will fill the hearts of our gorean fascist foes with lead!
by Eddy February 21, 2004
Humans that choose WILLINGLY to follow the philosophy of the lifestyle as described in the novels written by John Norman. Being gorean does NOT mean being into BDSM. The best way to describe the acts of Goreans when it comes to relating to other human beings is natural order. Males dominate and women submit. Following a gorean lifestyle is to be honorable, trustworthy and honest.
They are gorean and relate to eachother naturally on a level that is all but lost in modern society.
by la kajira August 08, 2007
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