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A Northern Irish slang word meaning to eat ravenously and messily. It can also be used to describe someone who eats to excess; a glutton.
"I can't believe you gorbed all those chips,"

"Yeah I know. I'm such a gorb!"
#northern ireland #gorb #northern irish #irish #pie
by Ratunga April 23, 2006
Newbie skiier. Geek On Rental Boards.
Lets huck a large coke at that gorb and watch em crash
#gorb #gorbie #newbie #snowplow #pizza ski
by Patrick Evans May 12, 2006 skiing: a idoit who thinks that they're good at skiing but they are terrible.
some signs that you are a gorb:
-rental poles,boots,helmet,skis (often snowblades)
-no snowpants only jeans, tucked into the rental boots
-gogles on upside down or no gogles at all. see gorb gap
-no gloves
-often flourescent colored ski jacket
-old touque or rental helmet

you often see gorbs stuck at the top of tall mountians unable to get down or waiting in insanely long lines for slow beginner lifts. many gorbs are at a ski hill because their entire school went on a trip there for a day to get lessons from underpaid ski instructors insult to somone who is new at something are such a gorb are the biggest nintendo gorb
#gorb gap #skiing #ski #idoit #elderly
by caam November 20, 2005
Man that knows it all has answer to every thin
How you know that I asked gorbs
by Kelly H August 12, 2003
the man/guy with the goods
man /guy in the know
Go see gorbs he sort you out
by Jester Murphies August 12, 2003
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