When you break up with a girl who quiefs a lot on your dick, and sleeps with other men while dating you. You call her a goozer.
Man you know that chick Spencer I went out with. What a goozer.
by TheOneTheOnly November 30, 2012
Top Definition
A goozer is 1) a goozoo (persian for farter) and 2) a loser.
yalda: oh my god! that "king authaaa" dude still hasnt called me!
monica: what a GOOZER!
by Yalda December 10, 2006
A Goozer is an Irish term (old skool Irenad, that is) for a big sloppy kiss.
"Gis a goozer ya sexy aul' gobshite!"
by OliverGreene July 25, 2006
That fleshy wormlike hanger on (appendage) in the back of your throat. Commonly known as the uvula to the educated classes. The ignant classes consider it a target for skeet shootin'!
1. Whoa Delbert! If you make her deep-throat that thing you'll knock her goozer plum loose.
2. Damn, after all that boozin last night my goozer feels like a jelly bean stuck in my throat.
by Push'dwood Pete April 17, 2007
male sex organ commonly referred to as the penis
"He has a big goozer!"
by Goozer Man June 05, 2007
Who who needs not vaction, or who must work through a vacation. Otherwise bearing harsh psychological ramifications
"He goozered away his vacation..."
by Teknion July 25, 2003
A teenager who is not good at video games but still plays them.
Man, Leonard was being such a Goozer last night.
by Goozer July 03, 2015
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