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someone who is a silly goose
You are a gooser.
Someone who does something silly.
by Zenny Renee November 03, 2007
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one who "gooses" (see goose-a pinch between the buttocks).
a person that gooses, or pinches another person between the buttocks is known as a gooser.
by Greg Martin May 14, 2006
someone who is mooning people and they dont realize it, like their pants are fallin off and their ass crack is showing.
ha ha betty's a gooser look at her hairy ass crack
by pinkfred March 26, 2007
A male erection at it's peak. Origin : Stockton Australia.
Come over and tend to my raging gooser you saucy little thing.


I gotta find me a woman to help me dispose of this whopping gooser.
by Patousse December 20, 2006
a very sneaky fart. one that can only be heard by people very close to the perp.

usually is followed by a uncertainty and finger pointing as to who actually let out the gooser.
guy 1: dude, did you just let that gooser?
guy 2: no i think it was that guy.
jane fonda: it wasnt me, dick.
by ojpimpjuice69 December 08, 2008
1) A hot ass girl

2) A big ol bud.

3) A big ass butt

4) A very very long golf drive.

5) A sick water pipe.

6)Anything pertaining to anything you want at any particular time.
"Yo, did you see that gooser walk by?"

"I just goosed one right on the green!"

"Lets go rip the gooser."

"Yo pass me that gooser cause im trying to get bruisered and i only can use the gooser so the goose will gooser."
by Big Gooser June 07, 2007

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