a skeeve, someone that really sucks and that everyone hates
Drty Derr
That kid is a fucking goon ass O'Fay
by joey December 01, 2004
13 year old shitstains who think they are at the height of wit by being a complete asswipe to everyone and repeating the same lame-ass tired out catchphrases as some kind of secret handshake with other "goons".
"Do you have stairs in your house?" "The internet makes you stupid!" "OMG I'M A GOON TOO WE'RE SO KEWL!"
by Riconoen April 24, 2006
A harmless fool, who contributes absolutely nothing to society. Totally harmless but undeniably irritating.
'Most of the people on a small world are complete Goons'
by cup cake July 20, 2005
stemming from a rare and illusive form of panda in southeast asia this modern genome of human tends to be the most affeminent form of homosexual in the world...ever...
gooooooooooooooooooooooon goooooooooooooooooooooooon
by jimer nenumany March 17, 2005
Unsociable or very quiet person or an ugly muppet who does ur head in!
That Scott Barton is such a goon!!!
by Carrie September 03, 2004
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