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to be in a relationship with someone who works for Google, and therefore is a kept man/woman.
Jessica? Oh she got googled. She meets her boyfriend at work to eat the free Google lunch and then they go on a Google bike ride.
by nyk2663 May 07, 2011
To do an internet search on someone/ something.
How do you know all of this about Spiderman? I googled him.
by Morgan April 13, 2004
Something searched for on Google
I couldn't find out anything in the library on *insert name of object here*, so I googled it.
by ScYtH March 22, 2005
When you look something up on the search engine known as google. For example a website, person or a thing. Usually pertaining to a spur of the moment thing while in an online conversation.
Person A: Yea so, did you go to that site i told you about?
Person B: Yea, but you didn't give me the address so i googled it.

Person 1: I googled your name last night and you wont believe what i found.
Person 2: why were you googling my name?
by No r. September 17, 2006
The act of searching any part of the Google Network

A state of mind, ie Your so googled
I googled THPS3 soundtrack and The Ace of Spades is in it.
by p June 04, 2004
The act of looking up something on Google.
"How did you find that out?"

"I googled that shit."
by xCheyenneMarie<3 July 08, 2012
to have your business model completely evaporate because Google decides to launch a free service that does exactly the same thing
"dude, why so glum?"
"well, i used to work for this cool internet startup, we had some great technology, and I was hoping to send my kids to college with my share options"
"what happened?!"
"we got googled..."
"hey, at least they're not evil..."
by neologo May 14, 2010