anything that can be found on Google, an internet based search engine that contains every piece of information on any given topic so long as it has been posted at least once on the internet.
Trish: "what was the name the girl who over-dosed that used to act in that show with Gary Coleman?"

Billy: "uuuhhhh... I can't remember, do you think its Googleable?"
by Akinom Snevets September 01, 2010
Top Definition
Something that is able to be found on the popular Internet search engine Google.
Mrs. Kim's husband is googleable.
by Lisa November 12, 2004
Something that is able to be found on google.
Hey, do you think this problem is googleable?
by Kevinthdinosaur October 04, 2010
Something that will return a useful result when searched on Google is Google-able
The only reason I passed that big report was that my subject was completely Google-able
by Joe Hawkes-Cates January 20, 2008
The ability to be found on the search engine website Google.
"Yo, I don't mess with son because he's not Googleable!"
by Scruffy McGhee October 05, 2011
v. Something which you may wish to search for on Google, or any search engine
"Try to find his email address"
"It doesn't seem to be googleable"
by CharlotteSell September 04, 2008
You have ranked well with the search engines and can be found online. This is especially true if you appear on the first page of
My name is googleable!
by Ivan A Sumin September 26, 2013
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