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If you type a search term into a search engine and only get one result, that result is a googlewhack. Presumably, a true googlewhack is one found on
No googlewhack lasts for long, as the Internet is always expanding and sometimes when people hear of a googlewhack, thy make a new website containing the search term and spoil it for everyone.
Search: adjunct puggle

HoadWorks - May 2000 Archive
... character MAROON 16) a vociferous soccer cry/cacophony/a cone's adjunct GOLDENROD
17 ... fart (arise at the crack of dawn), 1 knedle, 1 puggle (baby echidna ... - 70k - Cached - Similar pages
by Ami July 18, 2003
201 82
insipid yet obsessive challenge to enter exactly two words found in a common english dictionary into the search engine that will return exactly one result.
I found a new "googlewhack" today! iridescent flews
by Boutros Boutros-Ghali July 18, 2003
92 18
a google search where the end result is only one webpage being found. some criteria include: two words that are defined by no use of quotation marks are allowed. and the resulting page must be a real article not just a list of words. an entire community has sprung up around googlewhacking. you can go to for more information.
i will not list any googewhacks here since that creates a googlewhack paradox.
by bigposerhead February 08, 2005
52 10
When you enter two real words into google and come up with only one search result.
My monkey, cletus, he google whacks on a regular basis
by ElbieElentari November 25, 2003
43 6
A term used to describe a search result that produces only one result on
anthropomorphic prudentiality

This is an example. ;)
by Daniel December 26, 2004
25 14
When you type two words into Google (no quotation marks, have to be real words) and only ONE result shows up. It's a lot harder than it looks! Crapulent porker used to be a googlewhack but lots of people ruined it. If you keep at it you'll find one eventually!!!
Well, if I gave you an example of a googlewhack, then it would be added to this site and wouldnt be a googlewhack anymore now would it?
by whackie December 12, 2010
6 0
Term used to describe a search result that produces only one result on
I found this one today:

rhabdomyelisis wheelchair
by Zzaphod July 01, 2005
14 12