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Despite popular beliefs that a Sharmin is a combination of alot of sexually greedy things, this is the true definition. A Sharmin is a female with an unique personality. One that is easy to befriend and love, and one that brings joy into a persons life without trying.
My friend Sharmin is the best!
I wish I had a Sharmin
by BunniiBunniiily October 18, 2008
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1. A sexy Indian chick with big boobs and cat eyes. rawr
2. The goddess of Sperm in Hindu mythology.
3. A nun.
1. I want me a Sharmin.
Look at that Sharmin! DAYUMMMM
2. OM Sharmin OM.
3. I want to devote my life to Jesus and become a Sharmin.
by I Scream January 28, 2009
to be demanding

to 'sharm' : to demand an object or action
Sharm me that wine bottle braaaaa

Im sooo sharmin for a backrub right now.

My wife is sharmin me for a new lounge suite
by mb jacobs October 22, 2007

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