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1. A region in the Horn of Africa ecompassing present day Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Somaliland, and Djibouti.

2. Jocular form of address at parting signifying "I'll be seein' ya!"
"Look at the time! Abyssinia."
by Kilgore Trout February 05, 2005
Is a beautiful loving black girl growing into a young lady ! Is a loving person , caring , puts on a happy face to make people around her feel better and would do anything for her family & you have know choice but to love her and she have this destiny in her life that is very aggravating ! Ugh
an Abyssinia is a loving person who puts on a happy face for everyone around her and will do anything for her love ones
by @ayoo.abbieeee July 07, 2016
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