coloquial noun.

Possibly confined to Australia.
On a packet of Margaret River Free Range eggs: "15 Gourmet Googies"
by redwards June 21, 2005
Top Definition
(n) What you need to get obliterated
(v) Getting obliterated
(adj) Feeling great as a result of alcohol or drugs
(n) Wezly Dude needed to get some googies from the man on the corner so he could get retarded tonight.

(v) Vern was always afraid to get googies because his mother always told him it would prohibit him from getting into college.

(adj) When Riebel gets googies he likes to point out girls' saddle-straps and give strawberry shortcakes
by Dale Hill October 23, 2006
An obese kid who makes smart remarks and plays EverQuest 24/7 a day.
"Noah is such a googy. He's pathetic!"
by Joel Clancy October 28, 2003
(vb) To run one's finger along the inner layer of the lip.
They googy the dog.
by Anonymous May 08, 2003
To act stupid, as with a show of too much emotion; more emotion than usual, esp. when tired.
"Hey, sorry for acting so googy last night, I just needed some sleep."
by Raeme May 15, 2003
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