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One who cannot function properly in social situations.
Not only is Ted a dumb mother fucker, but the goof dick cannot control himself. It's no wonder he can't get laid in a morgue.
by Carl Pickens March 20, 2007

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Someone who is fucking goofy, and acts like a dick.
***** (8:14:19 PM): what the fuck is a goofdick?
reasonless** (8:14:40 PM): why the fuck does it matter? rofl
reasonless** (8:15:47 PM): Here i'll break it down
reasonless** (8:15:54 PM): what does goofy mean? what does dick mean?
reasonless** (8:16:02 PM): usually someone who is a goofy fuckin dick

John, you're a fuckin goofdick.
Damn, that kid was some goofdick johanson.
by MisterBee April 12, 2008