(interjection)meaning...OMG, damn, dammit, etc.
It can be used to express joy, disbelief, and sarcasm.
Goodnight!, did he really just ask me that?

J: "I dont want you hanging with her."

T: "Goodnight"
by Neeski June 05, 2009
Top Definition
the involvemet of telling someone to have a good night.
i am going to bed now *yawn* goodnight.
by the wind is changing September 01, 2005
A good night is when the lady you just had sex with calls you up and tells you shes not pregnant.
Nate-So did she call you again
LS-Yup nate its a good night
by Nasty Nate the Dragon Slayer August 20, 2009
What you say in a text message when you are done texting that person for the evening.
Alright, i'm going to bed! Good Night!
by Jennaisalwaysright March 12, 2013
"Good night, sexy."
"Goodnight, dumbass."
by IDidItFortheLulz June 15, 2013
a way to bid someone a good night, with the hidden meaning/connotation that they secretly want to get in your pants.
Girl: I had such a great time tonight! Goodnight!

Guy: want to make it better?
Girl: your place 10 min!
by truedefinition January 14, 2013
Stop talking to me get out my face out my pesents
Girl get out my face GOODNIGHT!!
by mike Williams February 09, 2015

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