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a coin-purse like sack that is affixed around the penis and testicles by a drawstring. the warmth and softness offer functionality, comfort and style. most commonly fabricated from the softest materials known to man... toddler scalps.
man, this goodie bag is more comfortable than dipping my balls in room temperature pudding while watching a nature show.
by doc cq November 17, 2008
1. ounce of a drug (prefferably weed or cocaine)
2. a bag of pharmies
hey whussup man, check out what i got in my goodie bag
by M "Smoke'M" Crackaz September 25, 2006
A females breasts
1."Ay yo Bobbo, check out that chicks Goodiebags!"

2."I would totally Yubidyubidy that set of goodiebags, no doubt."
by Screech456 April 11, 2006
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