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The best motherfucking Konami music producer ever. Yes, I changed my mind.
good-cool's "Blown My Heart Away" may not be "real" music, but it's a kickass 80's style song.
by dj gs68 September 12, 2003

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music that is not exactly good but is very cool
spin the disc isnt a good song, but playing it makes you cool.
by ChocoboCocoa March 12, 2004
A term commonly used for describing a state of being or an object. Usually used as a positive affirmation.

The term may be used whenever you feel like it.
Using this term negatively is incorrect and motherfucking retarded.
"How are you feeling?"
"Pretty good-cool."

"What colour are your shoes?"
"Good-cool, suckah."

"How did you feel about your grandma fell over?"
"I laughed my dick off."
"Good-cool son, good-cool."
by Jedimintrick October 30, 2006