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1. Food that tastes good
2. The best TV show on Foodnetwork (Staring Alton Brown)
1. That pizza was good eats.

2. Man:"Whats on FoodNetwork Tonight?"
Woman:"good eats"
Man:"What about Emeril"
Woman:"Emeril, isn't he dead yet?"
by onelegbob December 01, 2003
The best show ever made on the Food Network. Features Alton Brown and his amazingness. AKA my hero
Did you see the episode of Good Eats last night?

Hell ya! Alton Brown is my hero.
by Mollis July 10, 2008
1) Food that tastes good and may also be healthy.
2) The best show on Food Network starring the hilarious Alton Brown who names the episodes after various movies or other puns. Part mad scientist, part top chef, Alton Brown teaches us that health food isn't the enemy.
He also makes a mean cheesecake.
1) Carrots are definitely good eats.
2) Did you see the episode of Good Eats where Alton made the carrot cake?
by Meredith S May 06, 2008
Delicious ans tasty food that will save the problem of munchies. It doesn't matter if the food is expensive or cheap as long your stomach loves it.
Jun: Dude...i got the munchies
Minh: YEAH...let's get some Good Eats
Jun:...What the fack is good eats.
Minh: good eats at a good place
by TurkeyBawk September 25, 2010
Another way for something or some one looks good.
Tyson Stevens is Good eats
by Del'von April 24, 2008
The worst show on the food network. Boring, Stupid, Unnecessary.
N:Did you see that episode of good eats last night?

L:No, I hate that show. It is just terrible.
by FCGB16 December 13, 2009
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