When ur hott aslo see: BrEnT
Brent is the sexiest guy in the world!!!
by XoLiLgUnItGrLxO April 18, 2005
Top Definition
adj. The vastly optimistic assessment your friends use to describe the blind date they've arranged for you.
Matt: So tell me about her. Is she cute?

Claire: She's "good looking".

Matt: Wait...huh?
by lugnutwrench July 16, 2008
people that look annoyingly better than you.

Goodlooking people IE those that get sex regularly.
grr. that bastard looks better than me...
by HotrodHerman March 03, 2004
how to describe someone you think is hot.
he's pretty good looking.
by Annaas May 07, 2007
an act of helping a fellow hood dweller
"goodlooking yo, i really needed that"
by relientk762 November 16, 2006
a great looking man who has a big dick
he had sex wid beyonce
by kjm July 09, 2003
A way of describing someone who you do not find attractive, however not horribly unattractive.
Also the only way to refer to a hot friend of your girlfriend.
A drunk friend of yours might find that fat woman standing at the bar hot, however with a level head you might describe her as good looking (as not to insult his poor decision).
by Ace of Knaves July 23, 2008
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