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term used to describe one who feeds on the gooch, or reigon between the testicles/vagina and anus, regularly
"man you're such a fuckin' gooch goblin."
by the nudist midget February 18, 2004
1.the same thing as a crotch goblin but with a funnier definition
2. a baby
3. what hides in old lady's gooches
dont open that old lady's legs! a gooch goblin could come out!
by "pop"errrrrattaboy February 02, 2008
Gooch Goblins are a more sophisticated term for crabs of the gooch.
dude my gooch itches, you more than likely have gooch goblins Jake.
Robert had sex with a prostitute with a fupa it sagged down and touched his gooch, now he has gooch goblins.
Jessica likied to lick my gooch until i got a nasty case of gooch goblins.
by MATT, TONY AND GREG July 23, 2004
1. same as goblin gooch, but describing a person moreso than their chode.
2. Leech.
3. smelly unbathed person.
Hey gooch goblin!
Rob is a fuckin' gooch goblin.
by gooch goblin June 29, 2006
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