1.The skin between your testicles and asshole

2. *Can also be used as an insult to someone*
1. I spent 45 minutes tickling my gooch.

2. Give me my money, you gooch!
by imapedo November 27, 2010
The space between a male's nad hammock and the dark star aka the man cave.
The area is sensitive as it is a seam created when doctors sew the two halves of men together just after birth.
There are no inhabitants of the gooch - only the underclass citizens of the genitalia region.
After killing both of the hookers and stealing the money Paul Revere got himself a massage for his gooch at a five-star vietnamese massage palace in SoHo.
by ChazFay3 November 26, 2010
The area between a man's scrotum and asshole. Commonly confused with the "taint", the gooch is discerned by the obvious cleft that runs longitudinally down the center.
A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not always a square.

A gooch is a taint, but a taint is not always a gooch.
by goochrider March 11, 2010
The are between your chocolate starfish and your tube steak.
As Linda was rimming George, she was taken by surprise by the saltiness of his GOOCH.
by Doctor J. Weezey September 09, 2006
The part Between your Anus and your balls... Sometime may be hairy.
Gosh Todd you sure do have red gooch hairs!

p.s. pope is gay!
by GOOCH MASTER April 04, 2006
between the butthole and the sak ,the one thing men still have after divorce.
It looks like a turtle.meow.GOOCH
by 123mandee123 August 08, 2010
1. Is best known as a part of the male anatomy.

2. It can also be someone's name or nickname.
1. The Gooch is located between the testicles and anus.

2. Hello my name is Byrce but I am better known as Gooch.
by dem3 February 03, 2010

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