The space between your ballsack and cornhole.
Kid: "I don't feel good!"
Dad: "Son, just stroke ya gooch and it will all go away."
by goable August 15, 2009
The gooch is the space between the nuts/vagina and theasshole.(Usually hairy)
"Dude if I hit that,I would even lick her gooch" / "She tried to kick my balls but only hit the gooch, go gooch."
by Mr.wallbreaker March 25, 2009
The are between your chocolate starfish and your tube steak.
As Linda was rimming George, she was taken by surprise by the saltiness of his GOOCH.
by Doctor J. Weezey September 09, 2006
The nick name for the Japanese second baseman on the Chicago White Sox.
(Gooch makes a great play)

by pat hughes July 15, 2006
This is the term for the male taint. Also known as the area between the 'hung' and the 'bung'.
Her nose was tickling my gooch while I was teabagging her.
by Hugh G Wrection May 20, 2010
The small patch of skin between your little soldier and you butt. Also known as the A.B.C (ass-balls connection), the gooch can be used in many contexts. Usually referring to the patch of skin, gooch can be also known as a derogatory towards anyone. Gooch can also be known as the taint commonly used in movies and or t.v shows.
Yeah, I kicked him in the gooch after I found out he stole my damn cookie.


In "Life", Donald is referred to as the biggest gooch around.
by EpicFailzors October 19, 2009
The precious area between a male scrotum and the anus. It provides the use of connecting these very important body parts for a male.
Robert told me that he applies deodorant on his gooch to prevant the excessive sweating and vinegary stench that his gooch excretes.

Phillip hates it when his dog bites on his gooch while he is sleeping.

Arthur's girlfriend was disgusted at the sight of his hairy gooch, but still continued to lick it.
by cunthunter June 12, 2008

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