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its only spelled with one t, dumbass
see {slut}
Lindsay Lohan is a slut
by screwster May 10, 2005
removing ones dick from their pants in a very quick manner
that loser always whips it out at random times
by screwster May 11, 2005
a group of horney sluts,
dude, i just fucked 9 ho bags
by screwster May 11, 2005
term used to describe a pair of big ass titties,
they look something like this ( . )( . )
damn, i'd like to suck those grapefruits
by screwster May 11, 2005
someone who perfers to watch girls strip rather than actually fuckin them.
why anyone would be like that, i have no fuckin clue
he is such a loser, i came to fuck, but i ended up just getting undressed because he was only a watcher and was to scared to fuck me, dickhead
by screwster May 10, 2005
the area in between your balls and your ass, very sensitive, good place to rub while playing the trombone
she rubbed my gooch, and i had an orgi, then i fucked her
by screwster May 11, 2005
the worst damn movie in the world
i hate tin cup

it sux
by screwster May 10, 2005

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