an imigrant from the future known for taking peoples jobs they speak a hybrid of all languages and are a mix of all races they enjoy lobster fried rice hamburgers shushi hockey cow herding al gore watching manbearpig hunting and of course black people spotting.
times were better before the people from the FUUCHER came those goo backs took my jooab
by officer cooper May 20, 2007
Top Definition
People from the future who took your job!
The aging liberal hippie douche thinks these goo backs should be welcome in the present, but they took my job!
by Chrono72 April 28, 2004
Person who arrived via time portal from the year 3045 to escape the harsh conditions of that era. A blend of all present-day races and speaks a language that is a mixture of English, Turkish, Chinese etc. Tends to work for extremely low wages, displacing hard-working present day Americans. Time-traveling had left them with goo on their backs. See also wetback.

("wentback" would have made sense without the need for goo.)
"That mother-fucking gooback took my $140K-a-year logistics job for 90 cents an hour!"
by AbnormalBoy May 11, 2004
It is a derogatory term used against people from the future. The term gooback came from the fact that when they travel thru the time portal a side affect causes them to be covered in goo, hence the term gooback.
I just want a double cheeseburger you fucking gooback!

Those goobacks took-our-jobs!
by Eric April 29, 2004
A derogitory term for a person from the future who came to the present through a portal that follows terminator time traveling rules. The term "goo back" is in reference to the slimy goo that is left on their back from the portal they arrived in.
I dont want a chicken sandwich, i want a goddamn double cheeseburger you fucking goo back!!!
by eric99 March 08, 2007
Person from the year 3025 who takes peoples jobs.
I just want a goddamn cheeseburger and fries you fucking goobacks!
by Brian Thietje May 03, 2004
Racial slur against immigrants from the year 4000.
Those goobacks took our jeeoeoorrbbss!
by Funnelcake April 29, 2004
Time traveling immigrants from the future that come to the past looking for work. They work for so little that they take the people of the present's jobs. They put their money in a savings acount so that in the future it will be worth billions of dollars. Their language and race are the mixture of every race in the world.
Chad: I've been working at my job for 14 years now and these Goobacks come in and do my job barely any money. They took my JAWB!!
by schweattyballs69 June 16, 2010
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