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Slang term for Good ol Marijuana
"Hey Epo, you wanna make some gonja brownies, dogg?"
by Shannon April 28, 2003
66 36
sweet sweet marijuana.
they found gonja in the pocket of the dead hippie in the dumpster after the Grateful Dead concert...
by Jamin August 07, 2003
151 51
SweeT SweeT Marijuana .Thats gets you so high!!!!!!!
Man DuDe DiD You GeT My GonJa!!!!
by The Reefer Man April 27, 2005
39 40
marijuana, weed, pot, any other illegal substances
Gonja makes me higher than the sky.
by sexy69 April 18, 2008
26 28
Sweet, sweet, Chiba! Also known as reefer, chron, and MJ.
David- Hey Shawn this gonja sure is hittin awesome!

Shawn- Hell yeah!
by David July 21, 2004
16 26
Slang term for good ol marijuana!
"Hey Erica, let's make some gonla brownies, Dogg!"
by Shannon April 28, 2003
20 32