Someone who enjoys indulging in the dirty club scene that Wollongong, NSW, Australia has to offer. These people tend not to mix with people involved in the music scene even though some venues (namely the Glasshouse and Yours and Owls) are within 100m of each other. When on the odd chance that interaction does occur, the conversation usually ends with "yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhh".
Gonga: "Hey, how's your night been?"

Muso 1: "Good, been at Owls all night watching some fucking off the chain local talent."

Gonga: "Oh, we went there for a drink because the line to the glasshouse was REAAAAALLY long. We didn't like it there, everyone had really long hair and looked like fags. Plus there was no DJ, the band was playing instruments! What the hell!?"

Muso 1: "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh."

Muso 2: "Fuckin' gongas."
by The best soundguy in town. February 15, 2012
Top Definition
Term meaning weed brought popular by Bob Marley in 70's used also by older stoners.
"Hey Bob hand me the "gonga". "ok sharie, hey can you believe we are in our 50 and we still smoke this "gonga".
by Outlaw October 09, 2003
the national flower of Jamaca!
Jamacan: Smoke my gonga man!
by Rasta Kev September 28, 2003
a marijuana, used by the famous bob marley himself...
Guy: Do you wanna buy some ecstacy?
Guy 2: No--strictly gonga
by Abdar July 23, 2005
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