cheer for Nadgor to go
At a tennis match: GO-NADS GO
by dave March 19, 2003
1. A testicle
2. Pseudonym of a notorious sex addict
2. After she lost the second job because of having sexual intercourse at work, they started calling her Julie Gonad
by Julie Groman September 13, 2003
A slimy socialist weasel that brown-noses models, and even pretends to be their friends in order to try ( well actually fail ) and sleep with them. This lesser evolved version of the common dog turd will then try to play girls off against each other, or threaten others to further his own sleazy agenda.
That gonad really needs a good slap
by the guys from July 02, 2006
Campaign slogan for marxist politician
" Go Nadler!"
by John Carter October 02, 2003
One who is known to be internet message board freak...otherwise known as a fooktard.

by SpicnSpan November 05, 2003
A travel pack of Nadkins.
Damn I hate these camping trips there's never a shower close by, I'm glad I grabbed my Gonads before I left.
by Brian Swartz October 25, 2006
rofl @ all these dire cunts who dunno what a gonad is. a gonad is the genitals of a fetus before it develops into male or female genitalia, thick cunts.
you never developed mate, you still have a gonad
by Amok 1 June 12, 2007

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