Top Definition
Gonna. Going to.
Playas gon play.
by xplicit-kid February 10, 2003
A cyber bully. Derived from "Gangster" and "online" combined. Pronounced like "Jeon".
What happened to Gene's wall?
He got struck by a G-on

Who do you think is the biggest G-on?
Probably Jonathan, or Seokmin
by Rawrmyun October 31, 2010
Gonorrhea - a common, curable STD.
That bitch gave me the gons!
by retardidid August 26, 2006
a gons is a dumb faggot who has an obsession with shoes.
You're a fucking gons!
by s.h.a.r.p. April 25, 2006
mesa gon to china!
by --a0a-- March 08, 2003
Abbreviation for “guevon”. Used mainly buy Venezuelan nationals as a way of greeting a friend.
Epa gon! Como esta la vaina!
by Juan L. Santana September 26, 2007
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