Stands for 'Get On My Penis' a common term with me & my friends when describing hot guys/celebrities! (Sarcastic term :L )
Girl 1: Hey did you see the lead singer in that band?
Girl 2: Yeah he was soo hot!
Girl 1: He should GOMP ;)
by AizzieTW February 10, 2012
To viciously and violently ravish and "eat" one's partner in sex.
Usually connotates fully and passionately sexing a partner's stuff.
"Yeah, I didn't expect her to, but she totally gomped my dick.
She took all of it in for like 20 minutes straight.
Then I gomped her taint and motorboated all in it"
by TK P. April 30, 2008
Acronym for Get Off My Penis.
Some dudes were at a strip club, and one of the strippers sat right on a guy's penis and it hurt like shit, so he yelled "GOMP!"
by WhoAreYouDPG? July 02, 2010
The act of ejaculating tumors
That crazy bitch got her face gomped on
by Toast&Zero September 12, 2006
1.The noise made when taking to much food in one mouth full also see Chomping

2.Gomping can be used for body parts as well
1. eww them fatties are just sat there gomping

2. did you just gomp my nose?
by scottamus May 19, 2008
A extended vomiting. To barf for a long period of time...
"I think i'm going to gomp after eating this mayonaise and salsa sandwhich."

"Wow dude, that was a nightmarish gomp!"

"I hope to never experience gompage like that again"

by Cloudscollide December 04, 2005
A person whom take pleasure of annoying others. Too gomp someone of.
You're being a right gomp!!
by tomasio11 October 23, 2007

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