Short for "Gomosexual". Means "Guido Homo".. or the gay version of what the male cast of Jersey Shore is when the camera's are not on them.

Any gay male that succumbs to the "Heterosexual Guido" style of thinking they're cool because their hair has more content than Snooki's vocabulary, wears excessively gay looking Armani Exchange clothing.

The evolution of the highly claimed and well studied New York City "Chelsea Queen".

Gomo's can be found in the surrounding United States, and any gay male that tries to model themselves after such.
Oh My GAWD Lance... did you see that raging Gomo that Bruce picked up last night?
by Jersey Moose June 18, 2010
Gomo can mean any one of these combinations:

1. goth + emo + homosexual (homo)

2. goth + emo

3. goth + homosexual (homo)

4. geek + homosexual (homo)
Hey, look at that new kid. He's such a gomo.
by Alway11 April 27, 2007
Sub-label. Half emo, half goth
Friend 1: Man youre so emo
Friend 2: Nah I'm not.
Friend 1: What are you then?
Friend 2: Gomo.
Friend 1: -_-'
by natafwee March 16, 2007
A girl homosexual or a girl who is gay
Look at those gomo's walking down the street
by lost_in_ottawa82 November 15, 2007
(verb). Anagram meaning "get(ting) our mack on;" making out (kissing passionately with tongue)
"Do you think the people next to us in the movie theater were annoyed that we were totally GOMO?"
by Joel Cathey May 22, 2007
One who is douche and takes jokes that are not funny and streches them to the point of overuse, with the intention of trying to become biffz with people, and always seem to want your boyfriend's dick in her.
Paige is a large gomo.
by ohyeaaaa May 11, 2007
Gomo, being part of a labeling. Half Goth, and Half Emo.
"Damn, Desiree, you're new hair style is Gomo!"
by Larinda April 06, 2006

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