Gomb = Get of my back
nub cannon: oi i pwnt u and ur mum in everything
pro : omg GOMB u nub

by rampagez October 29, 2005
Top Definition
Get Off My Balls
Yo you wanna chill? no bitch gomb fuck!!
by big-0 January 23, 2009
GOMB is an acronym for Get out of my brain. Pronounced "GOM." Used in chat conversations when someone else says something similar at almost the same time.

Jane 1:15pm: I think orange are the best fruits ever

John 1:15pm: Aren't oranges awesome?

Jane 1:16pm: GOMB! haha
by pensive-one January 21, 2009
a stupid, thick, clumsy, air-headed eejit.
-"when the pizza delivery arrived, instead asking him to wait till we got back with the money, he let the guy go back."
-"jesus, the fucking gomb."
by Toygaaarrrr January 28, 2015
a term used to describe a funny situation. means: giggling off my butt. used primarily by smart, beautiful girls.
han: i just fell off my chair!
lil: haha! u loser!
han: GOMB!!!!!
lil: GOMB!!!!!!
by LILY June 17, 2003
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