GOMB is an acronym for Get out of my brain. Pronounced "GOM." Used in chat conversations when someone else says something similar at almost the same time.

Jane 1:15pm: I think orange are the best fruits ever

John 1:15pm: Aren't oranges awesome?

Jane 1:16pm: GOMB! haha
by pensive-one January 21, 2009
a stupid, thick, clumsy, air-headed eejit.
-"when the pizza delivery arrived, instead asking him to wait till we got back with the money, he let the guy go back."
-"jesus, the fucking gomb."
by Toygaaarrrr January 28, 2015
a term used to describe a funny situation. means: giggling off my butt. used primarily by smart, beautiful girls.
han: i just fell off my chair!
lil: haha! u loser!
han: GOMB!!!!!
lil: GOMB!!!!!!
by LILY June 17, 2003
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