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An extreme breed of redneck/hillbilly, found in the deep south. They speak an easily-recognizable dialect. They beat wives, their trailers, anything. They like to drive "four leelers" through "leller fields". Exercise extreme caution.
joeybobbo: Hey boh you-unna dance!? I'll fightchee, by god.
You: Shut up, you gomar..
by Seif October 31, 2003
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the embodiment of greatness
by reza May 25, 2004
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1.A stupid camal jockey living in America (noun)
2. Someone who foces their friends to do stupid things while he watches
see dumbass (noun)
3.Gomaring- to be stupid beyond all reason (adv)
4.Gomared- to do something unreasonably stupid for stupidities sake (verb)
example: Mr. Majd tells his friends, "five dollars to the man who can break his leg!" His friends believe him and begin to hurt themselves. Frosty breaks his leg and asks for his five dollars but the Gomar doesnt give it to him. Frosty yells, "goddamn you Gomar!"
by Joe June 28, 2004
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A mexican That will Get aggravated by getting called "Gomar" and will Result in throwing you in a thorn bush.
Shit He just fuckin did a Gomar on me and now im all scratch up from the thorns
by DG Guarantee April 06, 2009
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An Albanian word for donkey, usually said to someone as an insult as an indication of stupidity
He's so dumb, he's an absolute gomar
by Don Merpytelli December 26, 2016
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