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A cool Kid, Everyone Loves, Hes Emo-Gangster
Damn yo' Its Majd hes so Gangsta
by Chrisssyian January 15, 2007
87 46
Cool, Sweet, and Smart Guy. He can get angry but he is always in control. Most Majds like to fly Planes, do all sorts of stuff on the computer, and have an intrest in technology (i.e iPhones)
"Ahh man that guy is like so Majd"
"Look at that kid trying to be a Majd"
by Im a Majd November 08, 2011
38 10
Majd is a guy who some people call awesome and some don't because they are jealous, he gets all the bitches and some think they can resist but they just can't. Majd is super hot and is the first person that pops up into a girls head when she is playing with herself.
damn i wish my boyfriend was like Majd" - "Hey Majd wanna fuck
by MJBZ April 11, 2011
37 19