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12 definitions by reza

R.I.P - Huge, funny personality and one of the original members of the Wu-Tang Clan.
ODB ( Ol' Dirty Bastard) R.I.P
by ReZa August 11, 2005
223 42
This is another name for a knife, when talking about the knife as a weapon to stab a person with .As in to 'bore' the person with your knife.
Ah shit man, I know this kid carries a bora.
by ReZa October 21, 2004
160 45
Used mostly by people in the london area where the sound brrap! became known as a vocal representation of a gunshot.
(When the DJ puts a sick song on)
The Crowd: Brrap! Brrap! Badboy!
by ReZa August 11, 2005
97 29
10 pounds worth of marijuana half of this is known as a jax, and 2 benners is an eighth. This is word is mainly used in East London and a benners is commonly known as a 'tens' in west london.
You wanna come wiv me to pick up a benners?
by ReZa October 21, 2004
85 18
annoy or irritate some one
don' drive me up the wall, bastard
by reza January 19, 2005
38 3
Another word for cigarettes
Come down shops with me so I can get sum blems.
by ReZa October 21, 2004
28 12
When a person's trousers and lowered and fasted around the buttocks or just below them. Usually common in rude boys and people who live in certain areas and estates. Originated from a prison where all black men had their belts taken off them because one black man strangled a white man with his belt, this caused their trousers to lower as thay walked. This was then taken up by people outside.
O my God bruv, look at that brers low bats.
by ReZa October 21, 2004
18 4