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having a, or being of a massive dong.
A lover of DVS
My boyfriend was a real golo, and he pleased me all night long.
by dongmuffin March 11, 2005
A Greek word meaning ass or butt, to be taken literally.
Girl: Does my golo look big in these jeans?
by L.C.Bay.B March 01, 2011
A drink made from mixing cask wine and Solo. Usually consumed by underage drinkers or students due to their lack of funds.

The term 'Golo', is derived from the two words Solo and Goon.

Benefits of drinking Golo include; doubling your supply of drink, a blow up football which can then be later used as a pillow and making cask wine taste a shite load better than what it does.

Consuming Golo has some bad side effects including, but not limited to; vomiting, nakedness, sense of misdirection, waking up in an unknown place, loss of memory, hangovers than can last for days and a general loss of dignity.
"Man I can't drink at the party tonight. I'm totally cashed out.."

"Just get some Golo dude, shit is cheap and will fuck you up!"

"Hell yeah! Golo is a great idea! Hello Hangover! Woooooooooo!"
by golo>life August 26, 2008
Used in response to the word 'yolo' when someone is squatting the gym, meaning 'go low', e.g. squat properly.
Fail squatter: Hey bro, lets do quarter squats, yolo baby!

Experienced squatter: Just golo, and do it right.
by Golo or go home April 22, 2013
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