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the place where rednecks and senior citizens come to dine every single day.
usual golden corral guest = no teeth
by g o d April 15, 2006
Golden Corral is a huge buffet where rednecks, hoosiers, and poor people go to eat as much as they want until they literally throw up on the floor and make their server clean it up. If you eat at the Golden Corral, expect to constantly be asked for money by the crackheads sitting next to you. If you are eating at Golden Corral and you have to either pee, poop, or throw up, simply do it on the floor right next to your table and your server will clean it up and the end of the day.
Ieesha: Hey Sha-nae-nae, Golden Corral is now accepting food stamps!

Sha-nae-nae: Girl you trippin why would I waste my food stamps at Golden Corral?
by amack7 September 01, 2008
To lose control of one's bowels due to a spontaneous onset of diarrhea from eating at Golden Corral.
Unable to arrive quickly enough to my next destination (and the next available restroom), I Golden Corralled in my pants and had to drive home in a pseudo-standing position.
by TripleSS May 26, 2009
Resturant where behemoths gorge themselves with shitty food.
John: "You wanna go to golden corral later?"
Rick: "Yeah, just as much as I wanna eat dog shit."
by win some January 04, 2014
A group of people surrounding one person in the form of a circle, cutting them off from escape, while preforming a golden shower. Most likely these lesbians are rednecks.
Last night those ugly, fat lesbians next door preformed a Golden Corral on that drunk college girl.
by Dr. Pee March 12, 2009
Adj. A term used to describe someone who is fatter than the following proper noun. Usually used as self deprecating.
"Are you kidding me I am as hot as Bradley Cooper. I am Golden Corral Bradley Cooper"
by T swizz February 27, 2016
sexual position where a female takes a male in each hand, one in the mouth, one between the tits, one in the vagina, one in the anus, and one between her feet. like a buffet of cock.
sandra performed the golden corral on several inmates on work release. they were all satisfied.
by thick and wide June 30, 2009
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