Slang term for a boy or sometimes girl who is everyone's favorite person, never someone who is popular or "in" with the crowd, but always someone who people feel good around and go to for laughs.
Mark is a goofy kid who everyone loves to be around, he is the local golden boy!
by Golden Boy October 25, 2004
The person whom appears to have an untarnished record of any kind. Most people considered a "golden boy" actually do have many flaws and are not what they appear.
That fucker is such a golden boy...
by James the God of Knowledge August 04, 2005
Someone who can do no wrong, usually because they make a lot of money for their company.
BJ is allowed to hire really dumb people because he is the golden boy.
by MCAR March 08, 2005
A white-collar worker that is always thinking, "What is best for the company?" Constantly working and always letting everyone else know it. Anyone who works less than he does receives only his scorn. Beloved by management and highly annoying to coworkers, especially normal people who have lives outside of work.
"Man, that guy is such a fucking golden boy, did you know he's trying to convince the boss to make Saturday a workday?"
by Kraas September 01, 2013
Jerry Seinfeld's favorite t-shirt
episode 7 season 5 "Golden boy didn't make it out of the washer alive"
by derpmonkey December 08, 2008
a gay guy who'se never had sex with a girl before.
His mom had a c-section, making him the goldest golden boy.
by pioneerdj March 03, 2009
n. 15 consecutive farts.
13...14...15, o shit, thats a golden boy!
by O'Doyle March 24, 2005

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