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In middle school, going out refers to hugging, slow-dancing with, giggling at, or even spending some time with a member of the opposite sex.
Person #1: Ohmygawsh, Dani and Ben are soooo cute together!
Person #2: Oh, did they go out on a date over the weekend?
Person #1: Um, no...they were just hugging. Duh!
by Minda Fanter June 06, 2005
81 57
To be killed
Goddamn why did Johnny have to go out like that?

Fuck that shit, I ain't going out like that!

"We ain't goin' out like that" - Cypress Hill
by Incognito Dude April 22, 2012
4 7
being boyfriend and girlfriend with another person. being romanticlly linked to someone.
"yeah im going out with mike"
by Chelllie January 19, 2010
12 15
Minimal effort is put into your appearance. Just making sure you've showered and you don't look completely repulsive.
I'm taking a shower and going out to meet friends for a quick bite.
by missikat November 29, 2008
9 13
to leave to go somewhere
I am going out to the store, and will be back shortly.
by JBone February 12, 2004
42 55