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a saying commonly said when somebody does something they didnt mean to do.
son: OH GOD DAMMIT i forgot to go to my dads funeral!

mother: HEY god didnt dam anything the beavers did! and he's not dead he's just passed out.
by account bob from EO! June 04, 2009
A military expression of encouragement.
Get them rocks painted now, you mens. Goddammit!
by mahatmaKaneJeeves February 23, 2011
A.K.A: goddammit

Slang for "God damn it". Used in situations relating to anger, annoyance, or frustration.
Oh God dammit! will you shut the fuck up?
by AYB February 08, 2003
Phrase used to ask god to damn something, usually a situation, and it in no way means that you want to damn god, only a retard would think that. Also, when used at a person, it does not mean that you want god to damn that particular person, it means that you want god to damn the situation that the person caused, indirectly damning him or her.
GOD DAMMIT TIMMY! Stop fucking slamming the fucking door you fucking retard!
by Strider7 November 20, 2010
What you say when you're frustrated about something. Not 'goddammit', god damn it, 'go ddammit', 'goddamn it', 'god dammit', or anything else like that, god dammit.
Jimmy: You have work tommorow, and a pay cut, and more hours.

Bobert: GOD DAMMIT!!!
by I AM Canadian! January 28, 2005
exclamation expressed when things just arent going your way.
a way to express anger or stress.
i got fired from my job, goddammit!
Goddammit wheres my lighter.
by Brad April 06, 2005
A phrased used when an unpleasant truth is discovered. Often used when nothing else comes to mind on the subject.
Tim: You're never going to feel the touch of a woman.
Nick: Yes I will.
Tim: Seriously, objects never actually touch. All you feel is the energy transfer. You and the woman will never come in contact.
Nick: ...Goddammit.
Tim: What? It's an intriguing scientific fact!
Nick: I know. Just... goddammit.
by thisoneisn'ttaken September 15, 2011