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a state of being sad or depressed similar to down in the dumps
Chadwick was in the gobblygoops today after getting his phone taken away.
by Octavian aka chip February 01, 2011

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A non sencical sentence, or legal jargon.
the first party pays the third party 56% of computation upon injury of the second party, only if the second party admits equal responsibility to the first party.
by aitkentod November 21, 2003
Any sort of nonsensical business pertaining to being random and such.
Shelby: "Kris what are ya gonna do about that empty space in yer paintin'?"
Kris: "Eh, Ms. Frels wants us to fill all the space so i'll probably just fill it with a bunch of gobbly goop and call it good"
by Rabbledabble6969 November 15, 2011
a female dog named Eva
Gobbly goop is hangin out with Reese.
by mh August 09, 2003