turkey beat boxing
gobble gobble boomtisk boomtisk *POW*
by turkey neck123456789 August 28, 2008
1. The pack of fat under some peoples chin that hangs down low like a gold chain. This ranges in size from large to small, and is very pleasurable to touch and/or love.
On the way to soccer practice, me and my friends grabbed Adam's gobble and played with it a little .
by Don Vitoo February 08, 2007
A fat, filthy co-worker who is as worthless as the handicapped turkey on South Park.
Frank: Hey, this user needs help with their laptop.
Gobbles: I can't. I have to get a chicken bone out of my beard.
Frank: You useless Gobbles!
by JC Costello September 07, 2006
1)A Giant Sensation of Fat Under-neath an individual's neck/chin. A Gobble fat sensation can also be known as a Double Chin. Gobbles are often found in obese people, old people,people with loose skin,ect.


2) A Word Haley & Taylor Call Eachother for fun even know it is a double chin
did you see that fat lady's gobble flying gracefully in the wind
by WordGOBBIES July 10, 2010
Another word for Cool,Funky,Sick,Good
Me: Hi mate how are you?????
Mate: im Groovy
Me: Gobble
Mate: Deaf Gobble
verb. using your under hand and sweeping a under chin of another person. slowly going from the back of there jaw to the front.
Erica just got gobbled.
by Dazzle893 February 04, 2008
all that skin that hangs down under a girl's rig
the older they get the more the gobble
by Haywire November 30, 2007

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