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a person who:
desires wealth in all areas of life.
seeks the secrets of the millionaire mind.
has the smarts, optimism, integrity, and passion to do it themselves.
A person who surrounds themselves with the success that they desire. To learn from them and also to hone their skills. Alicia Dunams, model turned entrepreneur, is an example of a goal digger, as she surrounded herself with smart, successful men and learned their secrets and started her own corporation.
by Authorpreneur July 29, 2008
Someone who digs for goals without being a gold digger.
Arieann: Sam you're such a gold digger!
Sam: No, I'm a GOAL digger!
by SmdYouWhore January 02, 2015
One who seeks a partner with exceptional aspirations.
Jan is such a goaldigger. She only likes guys who want to become heart surgeons.
by tud April 14, 2009
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