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basically telling someone "fuck you" without saying those words. telling someone to shove their dick up their asshole and like it. appropriate for almost all emotions, anger, aggravation, sadness, and hate.
you're an asshole. go fuck yourself
by tired of assholes March 13, 2010
If you need to look this up, you should try this sometime.
Tony: Go fuck yourself Steve, not my girlfriend!
Steve: What does go fuck yourself mean?
Tony: Do it douchebag.
by That_guy_over_there_42 July 10, 2014
A phrase that usually has a negative connotation, like "go away" or "back off". But lately can be used as a polite expression such as "have a nice day," as long as the person saying uses a polite intonation. Try saying "Go Fuck yourself" politely and see the response.
That will be $5.37. Thank you and Go Fuck Yourself,
by jrptwisted September 12, 2011

Shut the fuck up And/or I don't know what to say and/or Get out of my face !!
Friend : HAHA You So Suck at this game

Me: Go Fuck Yourself
by GamerDude887 February 25, 2013
In New England, it's used amongst friends to tell them, "we're cool" "it's all good" "don't fucking worry about it
Sully: dude, here's a fivah, for beer.

Fitzy: go fuck yourself

Sully: see ya tomorrow
by Sully435345 May 28, 2011
a slang term used to tell some one to leave you alone, mean tto be descreet and still meaningful.
#1: hey your a little girl hahaha
#2: Gofuckyourself!!
#1: whaaa? what was that?
#2: you heard me.
#1:(walks off in awe and confusion)
by themanofthehour. February 08, 2010
A more forceful equivalent to get lost or go away. Many variations exist, including hide-and-go-fuck-yourself. Expression by a first party for a second party to leave the vicinity or simply stop associating with or annoying the first party.
He wouldn't leave me alone, so I told him to go fuck himself.
by NeNay June 02, 2005