term popularized by young jeezy and r. kelly. usually refers to someone who will go pick up whatever women he desires. not restricted to women.

look he jus bought her a drank, mayne he a go getta.

howd you get the job?
oh lets jus say im a go getta
by getto April 28, 2007
Top Definition
someone who wholeheartedly does illegal acts to earn money

person #1 "t-man just got out of jail and he hustlin again"
person #2 "he a real go getta"
by BigOreo June 08, 2006
someone who is out to get what they want when they want
Mane she is a go getta
by DJ MarMaxxx October 22, 2007
someone who traps all day and plays all night.
Young jeezy, he a go getta
by Chitown4lyfe June 21, 2009
going after what one wants and doesn't stop for nothing.
She lives the life of a go-getta with all those jobs.
by leesaseel October 18, 2007
Coke Dealer, a slang
Chop all day, play all night, this is the life of a... the life of a ... go GETTA !! go GETTA !!
by PuI2e_PLaYaZ February 09, 2009
a person who can fight very well
or another word of busdown
"you know that gurl named Jenni' she a go getta she beat kiara ass last week"
"damn shawty u a true go getta u let five nigga hit in on night"
by Wif3y_Mat3rial June 20, 2007
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