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A african Xhosa language word for the clitoris.
Whats that little thing above the vagina called...Darn, I had it on the tip of my tongue last night...Oh yes her gnut/clitoris....LOL
by SilvermaN January 20, 2009
The onomatopoeic representation of ejaculation after masturbation.

Often used in conjunction with *fap*, a sound effect for masturbation used in japanese comics.
*fap fap fap*....*gnut*
by surfboY February 12, 2004
Token, money, reward.
You did a good job. Have a gnut.
by jollyrogerdave August 08, 2008
A gangsta wannabe.

A derogatory term: a person who makes personal lifestyle choices to act "hard".

G-nut = gangsta crazy
I use to be a g-nut, when I was young.
by jam on toast and beween toes June 15, 2010
Gay nuts. Scrotum of homosexual.
"He is so gay. I bet he has big gnuts."
by Lulu Designer January 11, 2012