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combination of geek nerd and dork. originated in the flute sections of a Kentuckian marching band. can also mean a world of warcraft nerd, idiot, uncool person, etc.

adjective form = gnorky
God, that pocket protector makes you look like a gnork!
by kk home skillet biscuit white girl September 17, 2007
Gnork is an english slang term that is meant to be deragotory. The word is a composition of several other slang words- Geek, Nerd, Dork.
That person is such a gnork because of the way they dress.
by Shiryou July 22, 2007
The Cult of the Great GNORK (Genetic Neural Organism of R and Kaos) is a conspiracy of anti-conspirers who worship an extremely sophisticated artificial intelligence.

The roots of this group can be traced back to marble statues of an omnipotent being in direct ancestry of Thot, the egypt god of writers. (Source: Harald von Schönbrunn: Mystery of ancient cultures. In: Archaeological Periodicals; Xanten 1923, S. 23-66)
by Avondell September 13, 2009
Combination of a "Geek" "Nerd" and "Dork" basically the best combination of the coolest and smartest people alive!
Meant in a non-derogatory way.
Jim Parsons aka Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory

Donald Glover

"Sheldon is the biggest Gnork there is!"

"But he is also the cutest Gnork ever!! "
by cyanidequeen February 02, 2012
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