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Get Nude On Cam, Mostly Used In Sex Chat Room's But Not Many People Use It And Its Mostly Used By Pedo's
pedo: asl ?
young girl: 14-f-uk
pedo: GNOC
young girl : huh ?
by adam February 12, 2005
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Acronym Get Naked On Cam, Get Nude On Cam. This term is used on messenger services that have webcam usage, and also on some rating sites, and chat rooms.
Jon: Hey baby, what are you doing?
Girl: Playing with my Barbie dolls.
Jon: You should GNOC.
by LordZio February 25, 2006
Gnoc is short for the pasta Gnoccis. It is half potato and half (pasta).

Gnoc: is a person who has nothing left in their brains other than a mushy puddy.

Gnoc: Is a dumbass

Gnoc: can also be the best insult of all times because no one really knows what you mean by "Gnoc".
ex. Giuseppe: Bro wanna go watch the fireworks down by the river.
Aldo: Bro you're a gnoc if you wanna go down by the river where all the mosquitos are gonna be.

ex2. Victoria: So how did it go with Jason yesterday?

Erika: That kids a Gnoc, he's really dumb.

ex3. Daughter: Mom, what are you making for supper?

Mom: I'm making Gnocs.

ex4. Student 1: So how do you think you did on the test?

Student 2: I did better than you cause you're a gnoc.

ex5. Paul: Wow, i just smoked such a big joint i feel like a gnoc.
by aquaerika August 11, 2011
GNOC is short for gnocci, a patotoe filled pasta. The act of being a GNOC can aslso be refered to as acting with Domtullo styles . Being a GNOC means that you have little or no common sense and do or say things that normal people wouldnt. The word GNOC is in the same family of insults as the word HAM and BIRD.
verb: to pull a GNOC is to say something completely nonsensical which confuses/baffles human beings with normal, functioning brains.
Gnoc: "Is it true thunder means a cloud collapsed??"
Freind: "Bro, youre a fkn Gnoc..."

Gnoc: "I don't want to put a sim card in my phone"
Freind: "Why not?"
Gnoc: "Cause then the carrier will find out it stolen and i dont want to get arrested"
Freind: "Bro, youre a fkn Gnoc.."
by latinbaws August 01, 2011

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