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Created by Joseph Patton, GNB (pronounced jen-buh) is an acronym of the phrase 'good night buddy', used when the speaker is extremely tired. Often, GNB is an indication of exhaustion and weakening concentration.

GNB can be used as a noun, a verb or an adjective.
noun - "GNB is closing in on me."
verb - "I'll GNB now, if you don't mind."
adjective - "I've been feeling so GNB'd today!"
by Brandon Cobb August 25, 2008
G.N.B is an acronym for the phrase "Get No Bitches". Usually if youre part of a crew or a group of people that do not get any pussy whatsoever, you can add this as a label to your group. You can walk around with your friends who get no type of pussy just like you and yell G.N.B like it was some type of gang saying. It sounds cool in acronym form.
Naimul- bro, I copped those new raging bull 5's and 20 snapbacks, and a Louie Vuitton belt,But im still part of G.N.B
by IamtheOneandOnlyjuuherd? January 21, 2012
acronym for goodnight bitches! commonly used by sexy women to tell other sexy women that they are going to sleep.
GNB I am tired as fu*k!
by fisalallon July 13, 2010
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