Gnarly is basically anything out of the ordinary, but usually in a good way. Like a wave that is huge is a gnarly wave, but a wave that is too small would never be a gnarly wave. Some unique and different sounding music can be gnarly, but boring soft R&B can't be gnarly.

Wow dude those are some <a href="">gnarly shirts</a>!
by Doctor Levels March 23, 2009
a word that is overused by the cast of Laguna Beach. It means crazy, rad, totally fickin awesome.
Can you believe Tessa just slapped Kyndra that was gnarly dude!!!
by don b February 28, 2007
A adjective that expressive a postive while sounding negative.
Similar to asstastic, sick, wicked, killer, tight, and cool.
That was a gnarly jump!
by Heather M. July 11, 2005
used to describe something.

in skateboarding, something is gnarly if its difficult because its dangerous. things like skating on rough surfaces at high speeds and heights are considered gnarly. see EX1 below.

however, outside of skating it's used as a word to describe good and bad things alike. see EX2.
EX1: i saw this kid trying to nollie feeble that rough 15-set ledge... he ended up wrecking cause of the gravel at the landing and the darkness, but the 5th he nailed it! the whole thing was so gnarly...

EX2: i won the lottery! that's gnarly! yaaaay!
by karl February 27, 2005
big, chunky, massive, huge.
thats one gnarly truck!

they were some gnarly waves.
by Colin Bannon April 18, 2006
weird and/or disgusting things
wow her warts are gnarly
by itslifesaidhe March 07, 2005
ugly, knotted and twisted feet not suitable for sandals or any open toed shoe.
chick had gnarly feet, i bet she uses them to climb trees.
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
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