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What a big annoying retard screams while slamming a metal desk (or other large, noisy object) against the outside wall of a neighboring apartment or dorm room. Usually this individual is drunk, and attempting to bite or gnaw on his/her own ear at the time.
Timmy: "GNANG, GNANG, GNANG!!!" *slam, slam slam*
Johnny: Wow, Johnston and Osborne are gonna be pissed...
by 0xnull April 09, 2010
rabid feral beast. round, and about the size of your head.
my head was bitten off by a gnang.

hey mr.Gnang!!!
by neb December 02, 2003
verb: To bite or chew in a vicious manner with pointy teeth; gnaw

Gnang, gnanged
The squirrel gnanged my finger
by kesi June 02, 2007
adjective; becoming increasingly popular word,mainly used in Southern Bavaria/Germany;
means everything between strong agreement to total disagreement
De neie CD vom P.A.L is sowas von gnang ...
by schwartl May 18, 2004

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