Sticky stuff that idiots like to put on their fingers so it can dry and they can wear it off.

It puts you in a "sticky" situation.

HAHAHAHA GET IT?? not funny
Fatso: * puts glue all over fingers *
Me: Dude, wtf
Fatso: * Rubs off glue once semi dry * *girlish laugh* heeeheeeeeheeeee
by the gay ball of shit February 07, 2010
-sperm or a type of cum
Dude1:dude how was ur night wit ____ last night?"
Dude2:dude i totally glued all over her face!"
by Bob.33 August 23, 2009
code-name for gum. to be used when you dont want anyone else to know you have gum.
hey do you have gum?

what are you chewing?
by flabberjacker March 20, 2010
something to get high off of.
I sniffed the glue, then i was high.
by emdizzle22 July 22, 2006
A bribe paid to dissatisfied employees to encourage them not to leave a company. Usually monetary, but it can be payment in kind. See carrot.
Will you promise to stay if we give you some more glue? How about another £500?
by gareth keenan August 05, 2003
The short term for Plastic Bitch. Chosen to represent a Plastic Bitch's melty, obscured, and clingy behaviour when touched.
"Shit, I got this glue all over me!"
"That's pretty fucking sick."
by Dhulliath April 03, 2006
A really hot hip hop group from Illinois.
Y'all heard of that group Glue?
by Piyu January 18, 2005

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