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when someone becomes really attractive after they hit puberty AKA ugly duckling syndrome
guy 1 - bro you remember ashley from middle school?
guy 2 - yea man fugly bitch look like she got hit by a truck

guy 1- dude she is HOT as fuck now. grew massive tits outta nowhere!!
guy 2- wow i guess she did glo up
by chicken drugs & co March 18, 2015
A twist of the phrase "grow up", referring to a person's incredible transformation. This is usually based on increase of style and self-confidence (and potentially one's squad).
Noamee: "Remember that kid nerdy kid Loganus from High School?"
Mayana: "Yeah but have you seen him now?!?! GLO-UP!!!!"
Noamee: "I wish a nigga would"

glo-up glo up
by MaYung Savage June 02, 2015
When a female mentally tells her self that she is worth it, beautiful, and shouldn't care about what anyone else thinks. When she grinds on her own, she has a special look to her now that she accepts her self.
Girl 1: You seem different, in a good way.
Girl 2: Yeah, I had a glo up over the summer.
via giphy
by Makeup_Queen May 12, 2016
This is what cats do when they claw into you whilst you are petting them.
The cat commenced it's, most annoying, glouping of my leg; whilst I was petting it.
by D.B.C. July 02, 2004
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